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No More Band-Aids!

“No More Bandaids” is all about a perspective shift vs a change in circumstances.  Mental wellness for many people is often a cycle of finding quick fixes for difficult situations instead of learning life-long wellness strategies. Rather than always putting a temporary bandage on your problems, we want to help you to learn to face whatever comes your way and never break!

We help you find:


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Connection is the backbone of everything we do. Whether it’s making new connections or repairing ones you’ve lost, connecting to the world around you is what ultimately opens the door to freedom and joy. 

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Purpose is just as much about the little things as it is about grand gestures, and we can teach you how to find it. 

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Clarity is a conduit to help you move from chaos to calm, allowing you to find direction and purpose. Clarity helps bring issues into focus so you can prioritize and have direction to move forward. 

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Empowerment is knowing in your bones that you are unbreakable and fundamentally OK. We can help you get there.

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Our Team

Marlon Blanks the psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and therapy Home in Nevada.

Marlon Blanks, LCSW

Marlon  knows that mental health challenges come in all shapes and sizes. As a former fitness coach, he is passionate about the importance of a positive outlook on both physical and mental health, and making that connection in you via online therapy or in person. 

Michele Bates the psychotherapist from Las Vegas Nevada helping people with coping skills.

Michele Bates, MSSW

Michele believes in the power of knowledge. She helps you unlock the how and why in the challenges you’re facing. She works with you to take that gained knowledge and open your eyes to see how it relates to your specific situation and guides you to create your own path to healing and long term wellness.

Alisa Anne Jones redhead woman in home red dress and earrings

Alisa Ann Jones, LCSW

Alisa specializes in helping people find true joy and peace in their life by doing the work necessary to have lasting results. She helps you tap into your own wisdom and intuition so you can be on a path to self-solve when life throws you a new challenge. 

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