Alisa Anne Jones, LCSW

My Philosophy

Most people don’t know how to deal with suffering. We develop ways to avoid it in order to feel good temporarily. It can be intimidating and scary to face tragedy or suffering head on—there’s a lot happening in life, and you don’t know how to deal with it. But when the source of your pain is neglected, that leads to unnecessary suffering in other ways. Through study and practice of many different methodologies, I have found that while there are times when these work in the moment, ultimately you have to go deeper. I believe you have to move beyond surface coping strategies and get to a place where you can feel joy and passion day to day. If you’re in a tough transitional period of life, dealing with grief, facing a big situational challenge,  or on the cusp of a personal awakening and know that the path you’re on isn’t what you want, there are ways to rise above these trials and thrive in your own life. 

Alisa Anne Jones About psychotherapist

Am I Right For You?

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What's Possible for You

It’s really possible for you to feel deep, lasting peace and joy. You have untapped wisdom and instincts that will help you. When you are truly listened to on a deep level, you are able to unlock this inner wisdom and put it to use, gaining the ability to be active in your own life. Whether you want in-person or online therapy, I specialize in both styles and bring my experience in personalized therapy that leads to life-long wellness

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I Can Make it Happen

This is a very difficult journey to do on your own. By engaging in deep listening, I will help you connect to yourself,   foster your own self-awareness about what’s really driving your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and ….At the end of the day, I teach you how to find peace and a place of rest inside the eye of the storm, find joy in the journey of life, and be able to self solve whatever life throws at you. I don’t want you to have to depend on me forever, I want to connect you with your own mental wellness and not just try to “fix” what’s wrong today.

Accepted Insurances

Individual Therapy
  • Medicaid (fee for service)
  • Medicare
  • BlueCross Blue Shield
  • Teacher's Health Trust


Individual Therapy Pricing
$ 150 hourly rate
  • 4 sessions, 10% discount
  • 8 sessions, 15% discount
  • 12 sessions, 20% discount

Deep Dives

Intensive therapeutic experiences
$ 1,995
  • 2.5 days (Fri., Sat., 1/2 day Sunday)
  • Deep Dive plus 6 sessions of after support at 25% session discount ($2,670 total)
  • Deep Dive plus 12 sessions of after support at 33% discount ($3,183 total)

Alisa's Credentials

Learn more about Alisa’s professional history and specialties on her Psychology Today profile.