Couples Therapy

For couples seeking help in their marriage, we focus on three main areas: communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution. Building up and improving these three areas are key for a successful relationship. We utilize a variety of interventions and strategies to help couples learn how to listen and show empathy for their partner, develop an understanding of the five love languages and how that plays out, and getting to the root of conflict that is triggering arguments  in the relationship. 

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Our Areas of Focus

Couples Therapy

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We can’t find solutions if we aren’t listening and showing empathy for our partner. If you’re considering marriage or cohabitation or if you share children together; if you’ve been in your relationship for a long time but have plateaued and aren’t really sure you’re in love anymore; or if past infidelity is still causing resentments and grief, we can help you. 

After-Divorce Therapy

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Divorce can often come with grief, guilt, regret, and shame. We’re here to help you find a deep connection with yourself and hope for a good, fresh start. Divorce isn’t the end of the world, and we can help you overcome the obstacles that you’re currently facing. 

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Marlon Blanks, LCSW is our resident relationship expert. Read more about Marlon, and whether he is the right fit for you.

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