What is a Deep Dive?

Going Further for Your Mental Wellness

A Deep Dive acts as an accelerant for mental wellness. Rather than a weekly 50-minute session, a Deep Dive is two and a half days for you to create space for a profound shift in your life. You’ll get to take time away and be guided by a professional through a process to help you transcend the issues you’re facing in your life. These Deep Dives can be done on an individual level for a hyper-personalized experience, or in a group setting, where you’ll get the added benefit of camaraderie and fellowship. If you’re looking to address a specific issue such as grief, or just need something more in your life, a Deep Dive may be a good fit for you. Watch our video as Alisa and Michele break it down on what a Deep Dive is and what you can get out of it. 

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Individual Deep Dive

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An individual Deep Dive is a way to carve out a block of focused time to put in the necessary energy toward real change in an accelerated environment. If you’ve tried other methods with little success, you have an issue that keeps creeping up on you, or you are just looking for something more, a Deep Dive is a way to help you transform how you’re experiencing your life. 

Group Deep Dives

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Group Deep Dives offer the same focused time to change the relationship you have with your own life, in a group setting. There is a beauty to learning from others. If you don’t want to keep feeling the way you’re feeling and continue to simply cope day after day, a Group Deep Dive can give you a real vertical leap in your life to expand your view and transform your thinking, in an environment of fellowship and with a sense of teamwork. 

We Provide Deep Dives on the following topics

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Anger & Aggression

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