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Some Pretty Important General Q&A

Sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will be charged the full session rate. Our online groups are billed monthly, not by session, and are a commitment of multiple months, so there is no cancellation policy for online groups.

Great question! Our groups are very unique because they are nationwide tele-groups, which makes insurance impossible. We created a video to explain!

Yes. We want to be ready to help from minute one of your session and not be bogged down by paperwork. Prior to your session, we will send you paperwork you need to fill out prior to your session.   

Yes. During your initial session, we will ask you if you have any other providers with whom you would like us to communicate (physicians, psychiatrists, financial advisors, nurse practitioner, etc.). If so, you will be asked to sign a Release of Information form so that we may collaborate with these providers regarding your care.

We are creatures of habit. That makes all changes and transitions difficult. Plus, we have an evolutionary fear of the unknown and unfamiliar. We understand and have been there ourselves.  Call when you’re ready and keep in mind that fear of diving into difficult challenges is more than normal and your hesitation is a natural reaction. You’ll know when you’re ready, and we’ll be here to help. 

We have a specific section below that answers Group-related questions such as costs, requirements, timeline, and more. You can also visit the Group Therapy page for information on the different topics we offer groups on.

A good therapist knows that every person is unique and heals in their own way. For more details, take a look at our video explanation that gives the three main reasons why.

There are specific reasons we do online groups: to serve our specific client populations, provide flexibility, and create a place for true anonymity. Watch our explanation video for more details.  

How Long are Sessions?

We offer three different session lengths. Each session includes 10 minutes for therapist’s notes: 

  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes

We recommend that couples and families schedule at least 90 minutes. It’s incredibly beneficial to have the additional time when there are more people in the session. 

Each of our online groups are 60 minutes (50-minute session, plus 10 minutes for therapist’s notes).

  • On a case-by-case basis, we offer individual, couple, and family intensive sessions. 
  • These last several hours, up to a full weekend workshop. 
  • Scheduling is by request. 
  • Please discuss with one of our therapists if this is of interest to you. 

Online or Tele-therapy Specific Questions

Watch our explanation video to get a better understanding of the three reasons we believe our unique video support groups are the best model available for clients and bring powerful and connected ‘A Ha’ moments every week!

We’ve been building relationships over long distances for many years. It is possible for you, too. Watch our explanation video for more details.

Great question! Our groups are very unique because they are nationwide tele-groups, which makes insurance impossible. We created a video to explain!

Specialty Group Specific Questions

In order to participate in online groups, you’ll need an internet connection and a computer or device with a webcam. In addition, you ideally will need a space where you won’t be interrupted (though all sessions will be recorded for later viewing), and a way to take notes if you desire. Any other materials—books, worksheets, etc.—are provided as part of the group.

Our groups are designed to be one year long, with a minimum commitment of three months. We want you to have enough time to build trust within the group and feel comfortable being open, which is necessary for healing, and vital elements to creating a safe group dynamic. Groups are capped at 20 people, but as one group fills, we will open up new sessions based on availability. 

Not only will you get the support of the group during the yearlong course, but access to your same group is permanent. We provide a permanent, safe environment for your group to communicate long after you’ve gone through the 12 months, because we all know that new trials are going to cross our paths in the future—and you’ll have the strength and support of Transform Through Therapy behind you. Always. 

Each year-long group is $189 per month. The first month’s $189 is due to secure your spot in the group. After your initial month’s payment, you can pay the full term at a discount or pay month by month. We’ve priced this to be less per month than a single initial intake session and treatment plan or 4 traditional co-pays because we know pocket books are stretched and availability of this to all is a priority. Three-month specialty courses are $225 per month, and also have an option to pay upfront for a discount.

A big part of group therapy is the camaraderie among its members. The groups are designed to run for one year, with a three-month minimum commitment because let’s face it…the first part is the hardest part. That commitment ensures  consistency and trust for other members and a chance for you to stretch and learn to feel comfortable within the group. Having that consistency is valuable in accomplishing the long-term goals of the entire session. 

We have designed each live session to cover different topics, teach different skills, and give you the specific amount of space to learn, practice, and grow you’ll need within the safety of the group. Anything that is worth doing is worth doing right, and we don’t believe in temporary fixes, but long-term solutions. If you put in the time specific to each group, by the end of the sessions, you will have gained the know-how, skills, and space to heal, and won’t need us anymore. 

There are five weeks where there isn’t a live session. Those weeks are: New Year’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas. On a related note, the sessions are designed to provide the opportunity for practicing learned skills and “assignments” to work on. Every few weeks, there isn’t a live session, but you can still connect with your group in the private online forum that we provide. 

Your safety is our No. 1 priority. We provide an emotionally safe environment for learning that is polite and constructive, and bullish or rude behavior will not be tolerated. We are asking people to be open and vulnerable, and we know that can be difficult and scary. We operate on your basic rules of kindergarten: be kind, take your turn, respect others. You know, Golden Rule kinds of things. 

Each group has 20 open slots. If there is high demand, which often happens, we may open up additional times for a specific topic, and you will have the option to change to a different time before the first session of the group.  If there are not at least 8 group attendee’s we will postpone start of group until we have reached that minimum number. We have found without at least 8 in the cohort the client doesn’t have enough community engagement for effectiveness.

Our online therapy groups bring people together who are facing similar challenges, with the benefit of professionals to guide you. This is a place where you can feel camaraderie from those who really know, and the opportunity to learn how to champion for yourself and your loved ones.  Our goal is to make sure you can handle anything that comes your way confidently and compassionately by the end of the group. Watch our video to see what else we have to say about online group therapy. 

We have talked about this above, as well, but it’s worth repeating. We cannot accept insurance for online groups due to limitations from insurance companies beyond our control. We have however, made the cost of the group less than most weekly co-pays with this limitation in mind. Additionally, you can utilize HSA or FSA funds for these groups. 

What are your hours?

Office Hours

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time. We specialize in nationwide virtual therapy sessions at alternative times to standard business hours. Please contact us with any questions.

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And Remember...

We Have Kleenex

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Your mascara is likely to run and so is your nose but emotions are beautiful and we have plenty of tissue!

Enjoy the Process

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Taking the time to really appreciate the journey will bring you closer to clarity and open to options.

Education First

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We are about insight, community, and finding ways of creating “a new normal” where you can find purpose. We focus on sustainable lifelong change brought about by education, community, and guided introspection first.