Our One-of-a-kind Group Platform

Taking care of others and loving someone who is suffering or grieving someone you’ve lost is a selfless act of kindness. But we also know that it’s hard and can take a heavy toll.  Our online therapy groups bring people together who are facing those challenges, with the benefit of professionals to guide you. This is a place where you can feel camaraderie from those who really know, and the opportunity to learn how to champion for yourself and your loved ones. Watch our video to learn about why our unique groups are changing lives. Or click the button below to reserve your spot in the appropriate group for you. 

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Three Reasons Why Our Groups Are Different

Find Your Own Community

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It can feel very isolating when you’re in the midst of caring for someone you love, or grieving a loss. But that isolation doesn’t promote healing. By connecting with others, you’ll gain clarity in knowing you’re not alone, gain insights from others’ successes, and learn from experts who will guide you through the necessary steps on your unique journey. 

Maintain Your Anonymity

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With therapy comes vulnerability, and that can be nerve-wracking. Our online groups allow you to be as open or as anonymous with the group as you are comfortable with. This anonymity allows you to feel safe within this community while keeping it separate from your professional and social life. All the video technology we use is HIPAA compliant, meaning your privacy and personal information is kept in the strictest of confidence.  

Flexibility to Work for You

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It’s hard to add one more thing to your plate. Our online groups provide you flexibility in two ways. First, you can join each session anywhere you have an internet connection, whether that’s at home, in a hotel, on the road. And second, each session is recorded and available to watch at a later date, so if you aren’t able to make it, you’ll still be able to listen to the conversations and benefit from that week’s resources. We want to give you every chance to make time for yourself. 

What You Get With Our Online Group

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One Low Monthly Payment

For what is often charged for one, 50-minute session, you’ll get four weekly meetings per month, resources, plus access to a private online forum to continue conversations or start new ones. And these groups are eligible for HSA and FSA funds.  

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Weekly Group Sessions

Get the benefit of weekly sessions where you can set aside one hour to connect, regroup, and get the help and support you need. You’ll gain knowledge, learn new skills, and get expert advice on what this all means for you. 

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Support Group Platform

Get continued support between weekly live sessions. You’ll have access to a forum where you can pose questions, join a conversation, or offer help to others. It’s a place for support and answers during the week when you really need them. 

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Additional Resources

We are often flooded with resources from loads of sites, but knowing what’s helpful for you is tough. We provide vetted and verified videos, articles, worksheets, and more that will feed your knowledge base, provide support, help you practice new skills, and even just be a bright spot in your day. 

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Skills for Now & Beyond

We want you to feel strong and confident enough to face any challenge. You’ll learn skills that will help you have mental wellness right now and in the future. Get the support and knowledge you need to live a life filled with joy and peace.

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Two Qualified Professionals

Online groups are led by two qualified, seasoned, and educated therapists who will lead discussions and facilitate group interactions. With their expertise, you’ll be in good hands and can be confident you’re getting the help you’ve been looking for.   

We Provide Groups On the Following Topics:

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Mental Illness

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Our groups are limited to 20 people to maintain quality and effectiveness.