Individual Therapy

We believe each client is unique! In order to meet clients where they are effectively, we have all trained in multiple methodologies and models and each have very specific areas of expertise. We’ve worked with clients just like you for years and in many cases have been in your shoes. We offer both in-person and online, 1-on-1 sessions. All of us specialize in grief counseling, depression and anxiety, divorce and separation, and general therapy.

We specialize in online, HIPAA-compliant tele-therapy. We talk more about our online therapy experience in this video, and you can read more about our individual therapists below. 

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Our Therapists

Marlon Blanks the psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and therapy Home in Nevada.

Marlon Blanks, LCSW

Marlon  knows that mental health challenges come in all shapes and sizes. As a former fitness coach, he believes in the power of a positive outlook on both physical and mental health, and he is passionate about making that connection in you.   He specializes in depression and anxiety, couples therapy, and helping individuals find hope and purpose.

Michele Bates the psychotherapist from Las Vegas Nevada helping people with coping skills.

Michele Bates, MSSW

Michele believes in the power of knowledge. She helps you to understand the how and the why in the challenges you’re facing so that you can move forward with confidence and make the best decisions possible for yourself.  She specializes in caregivers, career women, and parents and loved ones of those with mental illness.

Alisa Anne Jones redhead woman in home red dress and earrings

Alisa Anne Jones, LCSW

Alisa specializes in helping people gain a profound and abiding sense of clarity and peace in the face of their most challenging circumstances and troubled emotions.  She believes in the power of deep listening.  Her commitment is to help you develop a grounded foothold from which you can begin to navigate your life with more grace, ease, and a fulfilling sense of joy, purpose, and vibrancy in life. 

Our Specializations


Caregiver and Michele Bates psychotherapist from nevada holding hands and support

Divorce & Relationships

Couple not talking to each other angry needing couples therapy after loss of child and infertility

Loved Ones of Those With Addiction

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Loved Ones of Those with Mental Illness

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Mental Wellness & Personal Empowerment

Group therapy Having an idea pop into your head to help with mental illness.