Why Online Group Therapy Could Work for You

There are a lot of resources available for those struggling with mental illness, addiction, and other ailments. But what about those who are supporting them? 

At Transform Through Therapy, we have developed online therapy groups that focus on people who are often in the background of difficult situations but still need help and support: caretakers of aging parents, parents of children with mental illness or disability, those supporting a loved one with addiction, or those experiencing grief or a significant life change. 

We believe the online format is a revolutionary way to provide group therapy in these cases because it provides elements that can be lacking in localized groups: Flexibility, Anonymity, Camaraderie, and Expertise. 


It can be tricky to get yourself to a specific place at a specific time for a therapy appointment. If you’re a caretaker, it can be near impossible to get out of the house. When you’re in a delicate situation where someone needs your attention, making yourself a priority can be difficult (though that’s important, too). And if you business travel or other responsibilities that make your schedule a bit irregular, making appointments can be a challenge. 

Because our groups are online, they are available wherever you are. All you need is an Internet connection. This means you can attend a session from your hotel room as easily as you can from your home. And while sessions are on the same day and at the same time each week, should you be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances such as  a meeting or other situation, each session is recorded so you can view it later at your convenience. You’ll still get all the information. 


This is perhaps the most important way our online groups are different. While there is an element of anonymity in local groups, it can be hard to open up to a group of people that you could potentially bump into at the grocery store or a PTA meeting. 

When you’re dealing with delicate situations, that comes with a lot of emotions. You might feel guilty for feeling a certain way or having a particular thought. When it involves someone you love, there can be a worry that you will be dishonoring them in some way by talking about it in a group setting. 

Our online groups are national. That means the other members of your group will be from completely different cities and states. This allows for a safe space for you to openly share, learn, stumble, and grow on your journey to mental wellness. 


It’s important that group therapy is valuable. There is a tendency to think that therapy is just a place to vent all your frustrations and get validation for your feelings, or worse, poor habits and behaviors. 

Our groups are led by two seasoned clinicians who follow a proprietary system called KASAS that provides you with knowledge, teaches you skills, and gives you opportunities to practice and learn in your own life situations. We truly believe that this program will help you see significant changes in your life. 

Whether you’ve tried therapy or local support groups or not, we invite you to read more about what we have to offer on our website. We also provide additional resources to help you if you’re not quite ready to join us. Our ultimate goal is to provide a way for peace and happiness for those doing honorable and hard things. 

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